From the many conversations we have had with pastors and school leaders, we understand that the financial stability of churches and schools weighs heavily on their minds. I wanted to share what everyone at Bursari has said to all those who have called asking for our counsel or help.

“It’s OK for school and church leaders to speak about and even ask for money during this time of crisis. It is not what you say about it, it is how you say it. There is no doubt that all are hurting financially during the pandemic and its related financial crisis, including our schools and churches. People understand that. So, it is OK to remind constituents that your church and school still have expenses and you need their continued support. It’s OK to ask donors to continue their annual fund support of the school and the church. It is even more appropriate to ask people to continue to support the essential elements of your ministry such as scholarship support for students from families that have been greatly impacted as well as food pantry items for those in need. We are our brother’s keeper.”

For school leaders and pastors, our Executive Vice President, Steven Virgadamo often adds this scripture: “Be not Afraid.” This directive and similar phrases words appear more than 365 times in the Bible, once for every day of the year. More than ever, it is time to be forthright, real, transparent and, above all mission driven without fear.

School and Church Leaders Pave the Way

school leaders and church leaders stream classes and servicesWe commend our school leaders for moving so quickly to remote learning and our church leaders for finding ways to stream services. Constituents are grateful for the opportunity to share in services. During April, we also noted disparities among the ability of schools to deliver distance learning, as well as disparities among the streamed services from churches. Some used an iPad or one camera while others offer full blown productions with synchronized musical accompaniment. There is much we can learn from one another. We can conclude that we are all in this together and we must learn from one another, but we also must be honest with ourselves – almost all of our schools and churches have some work to do to catch up to the 21st century.

We are probably just at the end of a beginning of a new way of life. Discussions are underway in every diocese, Archdiocese, church and school about what life will look like in the Fall when and if we are permitted to return to school and worshiping as a community. Steven Virgadamo reminds school leaders every day that planning for education in the Fall should focus on the safety and health of our school communities, but he also encourages the discussion to be framed by the domains of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Catholic schools as outlined below:

  • Mission and Catholic Identity
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Academic Excellence
  • Role of distance learning
  • Operational Vitality
  • Enrollment Management
  • Advancement
  • Finances

There are so many issues and we have more questions than answers right now. One simple question will be – How comfortable will people be handling cash, checks or envelopes in the future?

Bursari – The Next Generation Transaction Processing System

Churches and schools are going to have to begin to embrace and market electronic giving. Marketing e-giving means more than posting on the website, putting a notice in the church bulletin or sending a reminder home to parents. It means a concerted effort that is addressed in a coordinated way from the pulpit and the principal’s office. It means using a transaction processing platform with bank level security. It means using a transaction platform system that is intuitive, simple, easy to use and powerful. It means using a transaction processing system which provides parishioners, parents, alumni and friends with a familiar “Amazon” like experience which allows them to process any school or church related transaction, including gifts, anytime, anywhere, from any device with a simple click and a swipe. Bursari was designed to be all of that and more. Process transactions today and continue processing when we return to the new normal waiting for all of us

Bursari, the next-generation transaction processing system, was created to offer schools, sports organizations, churches, and community enterprises the ease, power, and security of 21st Century transaction processing technology. Bursari’s intuitive system achieves this by utilizing the newest cutting-edge technology powered by Fiserv. Some of our system’s numerous features and benefits include:

  • Getting paid up to 10 times faster
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • All your reports in one central place
  • All data is exportable (CSV format) and portable to Excel, Crystal Reports, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Web-based
  • Mobile
  • Paperless
  • Secure & private
  • Notifications via texts or emails
  • Multiple users

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Pay by Use

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