5 Ways Online Payments Can Make Parents, Teachers and Staff Happier

All too often, parents realize at the last minute that they haven’t paid for the upcoming field trip or ordered the required field day t-shirt for their child. Or they aren’t sure if they sent in a check or not.

Meanwhile, teachers are collecting payments by tossing checks into a shoebox at the back of the classroom to deal with later (when they have more time).

Not to mention the staff member who is painstakingly entering names, check numbers and amounts into an Excel file or software system, trying to reconcile deposits and provide teachers with a list of who’s paid and who hasn’t.

The right online payment solution can eliminate and streamline these tasks – providing added convenience for families while making schools more efficient and empowering educators to focus their efforts on what they should be focusing on – educating children!

Below are five ways online payments can help transform your school and the parent experience.

1. Convenience: Families Can Pay from Anywhere at Any Time

Parents can pay for that upcoming field trip from their phone, their tablet, their laptop or their desktop.

They’ll get automatic confirmation of their payment (delivered via email, SMS text message and/or through a customized parent portal), and the school can easily generate reports and reconcile who’s paid and who hasn’t without having to worry about data entry.

Parents can make a payment at the most convenient time for them, whether it’s during their lunch break, after their child is in bed or, if needed, at school drop-off right from the car (safely parked, of course).

Parents will no longer have to worry if the check they put in their child’s backpack will make it into the right hands or get lost in the black hole of crumpled-up papers, uneaten lunch remains, broken pencils and (gasp) abc gum!

2. Increased Productivity: Teachers Can Focus on Teaching

Teachers and school staff won’t have to spend valuable class time collecting cash and checks from students, tracking who’s paid and who hasn’t, and passing these payments on to the business office or school accountant. Gone are the days of tossing cash and checks into a shoebox to be sorted at some later date.

Eliminating the shoebox also eliminates a host of other headaches – including lost or misplaced payments, illegible writing on checks and forms, and payments that don’t reconcile (the slip says one amount, the check says another) or add up in other ways.

Rather than squinting at a handwritten list of names with check marks, cross-outs and hieroglyphic symbols, teachers can review a printed list of who’s paid and who hasn’t, with dates and additional notes. There’s no longer a need to sort through forms, count cash, track down missing information or enter payment data.

Online payments save time, eliminate mistakes and make people happier in general.

3. Payment Info at Your Fingertips: Real-Time Reports

After parents make their online payments, schools can pull that payment information into reports and different formats so it gets where it needs to be, further reducing work, confusion and headaches.

No more sorting through a shoebox of payments to manually enter and track who’s paid and who hasn’t.

All of the information associated with a payment and a student or family can be tracked online, securely, and accessed in real-time. It can be searched, sorted, filtered, viewed on-screen or printed, and exported into Excel files and other systems as needed.

When a teacher needs an updated list of students who have paid for the field trip, it can be sorted alphabetically with the click of a mouse.

If parents call to confirm that they’re registered for the latest parent-teacher social, a quick query provides the answer.

If the business office needs to know how much has been paid in total for the upcoming field trip or event, the answer is readily accessible.

4. Faster Access to Payments and Funds

Cash and checks won’t get lost in the backpack black hole or languish in the shoebox in the back of the classroom or in a corner of the business office for weeks.

There’s no need to wait for someone to drop off the bank deposit.

Funds are transferred into the school’s account shortly after the payments are made. And at Bursari, we’re getting you access to your funds even more quickly than ever before by eliminating float – the time it takes from when funds are removed from the parents’ accounts and when they are placed in the school account. Funds will be received by the school no later than the next business day, so payments can be used for their intended purpose right away.

Schools face budgetary challenges throughout the year. Why battle for access to your money?

5. Peace of Mind: Payments Made Safely and Securely

All of this is made possible by leading-edge technology that exceeds industry standards to ensure the privacy of schools and families.

Families and schools can be secure in the knowledge that their money and personal information is safe.

Sometimes old-school isn’t the best school!

Online payment solutions bring needed order and clarity to the lives of teachers and school and support staff. Families can make payments when and how they want to – at the most convenient time for them – rather than contributing to hectic early mornings and second-guessing. Schools can increase staff productivity and efficiency by streamlining the payment process and offering real-time reporting.

Simple, Secure and The Smarter Way to Pay™.

Bursari is the accurate, secure and easy way for educators and parents to make online payments and process transactions. From early childhood education through high school, Bursari is the complete solution to meet the needs and expectations of schools and families.

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