Presenting the Bursari Quick Start Guide

The Bursari team has assembled a collection of resources and guides that make it even easier for schools to hit the ground running and take full advantage of Bursari’s features.

Bursari is Building an Online Community

Are you on social media? Good news – so is Bursari. We’re working to build an online community through social media for schools and educators to share ideas and resources, and we’d love you to join the conversation.

Love is in the Air: Setting Up Online Prom Payments

With Valentine’e Day this week, love is in the air, so what better time to talk about senior proms! Prom planning has most likely begun, so schools should get started on setting up an online payment item. Find out why schools LOVE moving payments online and how you can set up online prom payments for your school today.

Celebrating Catholic Schools!

Bursari is excited to join with our Catholic school partners in celebrating Catholic Schools Week. We witness on a daily basis the impact they have on the lives of students, families, and communities.

Checks & Balances: How to Save Your School Time & Money

Is your school looking for a way to save time & money? The answer isn’t in your checkbook, unless that’s where you keep your phone. Find out how your school can streamline the payment process while providing parents with added convenience and a better user experience.

Going Live with Bursari!

With Bursari, you can choose how large that first step will be – you can leap right in and go live, adding several transaction items, or you can dip your toe in to test things out with our Trial Mode.

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