Checks & Balances: How to Save Your School Time & Money

Is your school looking for a way to save time & money? The answer isn’t in your checkbook, unless that’s where you keep your phone. Find out how your school can streamline the payment process while providing parents with added convenience and a better user experience.

Going Live with Bursari!

With Bursari, you can choose how large that first step will be – you can leap right in and go live, adding several transaction items, or you can dip your toe in to test things out with our Trial Mode.

The Digital Payment Revolution: What It Means for Schools

Ten years ago, my school’s website was pretty static. Photos were outdated. (Didn’t he graduate from college last year?) News items were posted inconsistently, and the school calendar was distributed as a PDF document attached to an email. Or sometimes even printed...

5 Ways Online Payments Can Make Parents, Teachers and Staff Happier

All too often, parents realize at the last minute that they haven’t paid for the upcoming field trip or ordered the required field day t-shirt for their child. Or they aren’t sure if they sent in a check or not. Meanwhile, teachers are collecting payments by tossing...

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