Bursari Product Updates: Sample Data & File Attachment

We’re excited to share several updates that make it even easier for schools and families to make  payments, process transactions, save money, and increase efficiency.


Bursari Production Update, Release

Pre-Population of Sample Data

Bursari DashboardUpon a new school creation, the following is pre-populated to allow the school administrator to begin using Bursari immediately:

  • Sample Student Data (20)
  • Sample Items (9)
  • Sample Payer User Login

Schools can hit the ground running.  When they log in, they will see a fully populated dashboard that enables them to explore the entirety of Bursari, including items, transactions, reporting, and more.

Document & File Attachment

If schools want to include files and attachments for parents, they can now include a hyperlink to documents within transaction items.


  • Permission slips,
  • Flyers,
  • Event details,
  • Health forms,
  • Misc. documents.



We’ve also added additional resources, including starter guides and transaction listings, for schools to more quickly and easily begin their Bursari journey!

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