Community enterprises, including service clubs and fraternal organizations, generate income and deliver positive local impact. With the still prevalent use of cash and checks for donations and dues, manual record keeping, reporting and tracking are cumbersome and frustrating. Now there’s a simple solution, Bursari! Powered by , Bursari represents The Next Generation Payment & Transaction Processing System available for community enterprises.


Faster access to your money

The Old Way


Finance office issues an invoice

3 days

Organization member writes the check

3 days

Check is delivered to the community organization

3 days

Personnel deposits checks at the bank

3 days

Funds Available

5-7 days


With Bursari


Transaction entered by the community organization

Same day

Alert message received by the organization member

Same to 1 day

Payment processed by the organization member

1 day

Funds available to the community organization




Pay by use

With Bursari, there’s no long scary contract, no annual subscription, maintenance, or sign-up fees. Your community organization can use Bursari as much you want, and the cost is only a small fee per transaction. This can typically make us 50% cheaper than the competitors. Don’t take our word for it—set up your account today. It only takes a few minutes.

Easy to use

Our web-based system is simple, easy and intuitive. Add payment items for individual organization members or the entire community organization. Everything can be automated so you don’t have to reconcile by hand. With our custom dashboard, you’ll always know where you stand. Bursari saves you time, money and sanity.

Take a deep dive into your data with our comprehensive reporting tools

Get access to your data any way you want. View items individually or at a group level. See your item’s progress, and with one click, drill down to see who has paid and who is remaining. Send a reminder to only those who have not paid.

Centralized and standardized

All your reports in one central place. All data is exportable (CSV format) and therefore portable to whatever tools you use (Excel, Crystal Reports, Quickbooks, etc).

Additional features:


Makes it easy to pay everything on time, from donations, tickets, events and more.


Pay any time you want, on pretty much any device you want. Get text notifications and immediate confirmations.


No more forms and cumbersome paper records to deal with. Welcome to 2020!

Secure & private

Our financial technology is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 Compliant and PII Compliant. The highest industry standards.


Members are alerted via text or email if there is something urgent or new added to their dashboard. No more excuses.

Multiple users

Multiple authorized users can be assigned so others can all have access.

Now There’s a Simple Solution: Bursari

The Bursari Transaction Processing System places the best of 21st century technology at your fingertips! By offering the latest innovations in payment processing, ease of use, personalization, security, privacy and compliance to the highest industry standards, Bursari eases frustrations quickly and permanently.

Notable and respected organizations such as Rotary International, Freemasonry, Shriners, Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, Lions, Elks and VFW make significant contributions to the well being of those whom they serve and to the greater community. Bursari brings to community enterprises like these an important feature: Auto-pilot functionality for recurring payments. With the ability to automate and accept recurring payments from your members, billing can now be on a recurring basis. 


The Benefits of Bursari Include:

  • Faster access to your money (Up to 10 times faster!)
  • 24/7 Help and Customer Care & Support
  • Comprehensive, standardized and centralized reporting tools
  • Security & privacy
  • Pay-by-Use (the ONLY cost is a small transaction fee)
  • Notifications via text, email and dashboards
  • Web-based, mobile and paperless
  • Multiple users allowed at no additional costs
  • Ease of use

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