enrollmentA number of schools are telling us they have enrollment concerns for 2020-2021, and we answer that there are steps you can take, even in the “Normal Next Covid” economy, to ensure that your school not only survives but flourishes. The trend of moving students back into government sponsored schools predates the Covid19 pandemic, with affluent families leading the migration to public schools.

This month we asked Bursari Executive Vice President Steven Virgadamo to share with us some thoughts on leadership and Enrollment Marketing. We are delighted to share his thoughts with you.

Steve says:

“Own your Brand”
Your brand is the essence of who you are. It is a promise to your families and the delivery of that promise is essential to increasing market share. Your brand is unique to you. Your attributes, offerings and whom you serve need to be expressed but they need to be defined and used constantly in all school communication whether printed, digital, or verbal.

“Cater to the Millennial Market”

  • Start by defining the millennial parent – your customer – and identify what millennials are seeking in an education for their child(ren);
  • Identify what unique experiences, resources, and tools you have available that can be used to meet the millennial parents’ expectations;
  • Remember today’s parents are not comparing the customer experience with other schools. They are comparing the speed and comprehensiveness of your customer service to the customer care they experience in every other aspect of their life. Think the Amazon and Disney experiences.

“On-Line Marketing Rules the Day”

  • Digital marketing is vital. TV, radio, direct mail, lawn signs etc. are past their “sell by date.” The digital marketing space is expanding every hour. Social media ads should be a primary component of your marketing strategy. They are force multipliers that allow you to broaden your reach while engaging your existing audience in meaningful ways.
  • Digital storytelling is a creative way to familiarize people with your brand. You can show one digital advertisement after another in a specific sequence to tell your story.
  • Hypertargeting is the ability to deliver a tailored message to a specific niche audience. Hypertargeting is the most efficient way to both use and stretch your marketing budget.

“Measure and Assess”

Most schools fail to track and assess the effectiveness of their marketing plan. It is important to remember that you cannot improve what you do not measure.

  • Keep a simple log of all aspects of the enrollment process. Record data such as website visits, information requests, campus tours, applications, deposits, etc.
  • Monitor and track student attrition

“Keep Your Finger on the Market’s Pulse”

  • A benefit of telling your school’s story across digital platforms is that you can watch in real time as your constituents and prospective parents/students interact with your story. Their behavior will let you know what is speaking to them and what is not.
  • Test, adapt and refine your marketing story.

Bursari – The Next Generation Transaction Processing System

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