Father Lopez Catholic High School is Using Bursari to Simplify Student Fees

We recently had the chance to talk with Pat La Morte, President of Father Lopez Catholic High School, to discuss how Father Lopez is using Bursari to simplify student fees for the school and for families.

Father Lopez Catholic High School


School President: Pat La Morte

Pat La Morte, President of Father Lopez Catholic High SchoolAn accomplished school leader and expert in educational technology integration, Pat has served at schools in Florida and New Jersey, launching award-winning technology programs and advising schools on how to integrate technology in the teaching and learning process.

Pat provided feedback for the Bursari layout and guest user interface, as well as important insight from the perspective of an end-user.

He has been impressed by the detail with which Bursari has been built and by the partnership with Fiserv, which brings cutting edge technology and credibility to the field of education.

“This type of payment platform has been a long-time coming – it is deep and sophisticated, but at the same time flexible and easyto-use.”

Father Lopez Catholic High School,  Simplifying Student Fees

Father Lopez Catholic High School in Daytona Beach, FL, is one of Bursari’s early adopters and is using Bursrai to process student fees.

Transactions include:

  • AP Test Fees
  • Cheerleader Competition Fees
  • Club Dues & Fees
  • Field Trip Fees
  • National Honor Society
  • Annual Dues
  • Prom Tickets
  • School Bus Transportation Fees

What It Means for Our Parents

Bursari provides a great, personalized user experience for parents. Families with multiple students at Father Lopez can view them all on a single dashboard, see what fees need to be paid, and take care of it on the fly, from any device.

What It Means for Our Teachers

Because of the hierarchical nature of Bursari, teachers can establish and track transactions on their own. Teachers are excited because in the past, they had to collect the money, put it in an envelope, manually track who paid (and how much), and send it to the controller. Bursari streamlines the process. A report of which students have paid can be printed easily and compared to the roster.

What It Means for Our Controller

The controller at Father Lopez has a significant amount of responsibility, managing finances for all departments of the school. Bursari reduces her hands-on time by up to 60% by streamlining several steps in the money-handling process, including counting cash, depositing, reporting, and reconciling. This also minimizes the chance of errors. In addition, payments can be set up categorically so that funds from athletic transactions are deposited into one account, while funds for activities fees are deposited into a separate account.

What It Means for the School

Bursari provides Father Lopez with a sophisticated, easy-to-use tool that personalizes fee payment/collection while streamlining the process for the end user and the school. As a result, Father Lopez has been empowered to be more fiscally responsible without any additional leg work.

Because of the Fiserv partnership, Bursari gives schools and parents a heightened sense of credibility, security, and privacy.

Father Lopez will soon expand the use of Bursari to collect donations through the guest user login, enabling the school to broaden their community of support by tapping into a larger audience base without the cost of printing and mailing.


Thank you to Pat and to Father Lopez Catholic High School for sharing the many ways that Bursari is helping to simplify student fees while empowering school leaders to increase fiscal responsibility.

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