It’s time to rethink “how we’ve always done it.”

The world changes quickly these days. And sometimes old-school methods just don’t make the cut. Bursari offers school administrators and educators leading innovation in payment processing, flexibility and customization, as well as security, privacy and compliance to the highest industry standards.



School administrators love Bursari because:

Web based

Makes it easy to pay everything on time, from activities and field trips to exams, clothing/apparel, athletics, school events and more.


Pay anytime you want, on pretty much any device you want. Get text notifications and immediate confirmations.


No more school forms and cumbersome paper records to deal with. Welcome to 2017!


Everything can be automated so you don’t have to reconcile by hand. Saves time, money and sanity.

Deep analytics

Access easy-to-use, real-time transactional information reports containing up to 48 types of data to analyze.


Parents are alerted via text or email if there is something urgent or new added to their dashboard. No more excuses.

Multiple users

Multiple authorized users can be assigned so teachers, volunteers, staff, coaches and others can all have access.

Secure & private

Financial technology, security, privacy and compliance to the highest industry standards.

No sign-up fees

No long-term contracts or commitments.

Bursari is the new class favorite.

Teachers are busy enough, don’t you think? We’re helping them have one less headache to deal with, so they can get back to the important job of educating our children.

Why teachers love Bursari:


Easy to use

Students and parents won’t be able to forget to meet a payment deadline, which is awesome!



The home screen and items list are customized to the school and individual student. Unrelated transactions are not shown.


Multiple users

Multiple authorized users can be assigned, so teachers, volunteers, staff, coaches and others all can have access.



Almost anything school-related can be paid for on the go, anytime day or night, on pretty much any device. And Bursari sends text or email notifications, as well as immediate confirmations.



Teachers no longer have to use their valuable time processing school forms and payments by hand. Hooray for that!

I really like that Bursari allows me to quickly add staff and managers with various levels of responsibility so that they can be empowered to manage their own payment needs. It frees up so much time and increases efficiency with my main office administrative staff.

School Administrator

The Bursari set-up and payment processes are so easy and convenient. It increases productivity for my staff and the parents.

School Administrator

Bursari costs a school nothing to sign up.

No expensive registration fees, no long-term contracts or commitment. The costs are per item. If your school doesn’t like Bursari, you can simply shut it off.

Why not give it a try?

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