Going Live with Bursari!

Oftentimes, we’re hesitant to take the first step toward change or improvement, but once we do take that first step, momentum moves us forward pretty quickly.

With Bursari, you can choose how large that first step will be – you can leap right in and go live, adding several transaction items, or you can dip your toe in to test things out with our Trial Mode.

Either way, there’s no contract, no commitment, and no licensing fee – the cost is per item only.

Schools are finding that once they do go live, things move forward pretty quickly, as evidenced by the quick adoption rates when families have the chance to pay online with Bursari. After schools post an item for payment, close to 80% of their families will pay for it online within a couple of weeks.

Bursari has proven that if you post it, they will pay it – online!

Five Steps to Go Live with Bursari!


Step 1: Establish Your School Profile

Tell us about yourself and your school! Enter your information and your school’s details to establish your Bursari admin account. You’ll receive a welcome email with a link to set your password, upload your school logo, and select the look and theme of your portal. You can do this in either live or trial mode. If you do it in trial mode, it’s already in place when you’re ready to go live!

Step 2: Link Your Bank Account

To begin receiving payments, the first thing you need to do is establish where you want the payments to go. Enter the bank account where you want the funds deposited, designate your authorized school representative for the account, and confirm the information.

Step 3: Upload Student/Parent Data

The data is uploaded by the school in an easy-to-create Excel template exported from the school database, and parents can connect to their profiles by entering their child’s name and birthday or another unique id determined by the school.

Parents can also pay for items as guest users within Bursari, but most parents choose to register and establish accounts so they can enter and update information and track their payments through a customized portal that recognizes who they are, who their children are, and shows only those items that apply to them. There’s no need to re-enter payment or student information.

Step 4: Create and Post a Payment Item

Whether it’s a field trip, a clothing purchase, or a fee for a course or an exam, you can quickly add the details and an image. Parents can be notified via SMS text and emails when items are available for payment and purchase.

Step 5: Spread the Word!

Email the link to your families, post it on your website and social media, and use the built-in tools within Bursari to let your parents know items are posted. The more ways you can communicate it to your families, the better.

Promote the ease and benefits of online payments: within no time, the money and payments will be rolling in!

By promoting the ease and benefits of online payments in as many ways as possible, you’ll be making life easier on your parents and staff while demonstrating that your school is leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide the best and most convenient user experience, increase operational efficiency, and maximize financial resources.

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