Going Places with Bursari: Field Trips and Beyond

Image of map, notebook, pencil, old photographs, and camera.Over April vacation, my family and I traveled to Washington, DC, to explore our nation’s capital, visit the museums, and pay tribute at the many memorials.

Everywhere we went, we saw school groups from around the country doing the same – exploring the world outside their schools to enhance and build on the lessons they’re learning inside the classroom.

Field trips and class excursions are valuable learning experiences – whether it’s…

  • an eighth grade trip to Washington, DC, to learn about the principles of government and the birth of our nation;
  • a high school trip to France, Spain, or other European destination for students to practice their foreign-language skills and immerse themselves in a foreign culture, or
  • a school-day trip to a play, local museum, or historic site.

There’s a great deal of preparation and planning to make sure students and teachers get where they’re going safely and are empowered to make the most out of these experiences – whether it’s a week-long trip to Europe, a multi-day trip to our nation’s capital, or a morning excursion to the local science museum.

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