It’s New! Release 2!

Bursari Announces the Release of Version 2.0

Bursari, the next-generation transaction processing system that offers schools, churches, sports organizations, and community enterprises the secure, fast and easy 21st Century transaction processing technology announces the release of Version 2.0. “We listen to customers then develop Bursari with them, not for them, and that makes all the difference,” says Bursari Founder, Chairman and CEO, Jerry Banks. Empowered by  leading-edge processing technology, Bursari is clearly the best in class. With the Pandemic causing changes in “the way we’ve always done it,” Bursari provides the answer with a paperless, cash-free and touch-free way to conduct business.

  World-Class, Next-Generation Processing Technology. Secure. Fast. Easy.

 Bursari’s new Installment payment processing functionality empowers auto-collection of transactions like tuition, dues, capital campaign contributions and pledges.

 Auto-collect donations, contributions, offerings and tithes with Bursari’s new recurring payment processing feature.

 Bursari’s state-of-the-art forms utility sets the standard for easily querying, entering data and reporting anything. Registering. Ordering. Document signing. Expect to be impressed by what you can easily do


  • SECURE & PRIVATE: Cloud-based. Operates anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • BOOKKEEPING EASE: Powerful Reporting Features
  • FASTER PAYMENTS: Your money deposited daily. Get paid up to 20 times faster than conventional platforms! Bursari places your money in your hands, never our pocket!
  • COMMUNITY-CENTRIC: Customer Name, Logo, Color and Desktop Branded. It’s about your institution, not our platform.
    • “Bursari is nimble, it’s very agile, but at the same time very sophisticated.”
    • “Bursari gives us more control.”
    • “Bursari empowers us to be more fiscally responsible.“
    • “Bursari reduces hands-on time by up to 60%.”
  • PAIN RELIEF: Goodbye Inconvenience, Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Re-Work & Unaccounted Funds. Vastly Simplified Operations.
  • PERSONALIZED: Unique Experiences for Administrators, Staff & Payers
  • FULL STAFF EMPOWERMENT: Who needs Ziploc bags, cash & checks?
  • PAY BY USE: No Long-Term Contracts. Lock-in is out! Satisfying Customers is In!
  • PAPERLESS: Digital transaction processing has come of age and Bursari is leading the way!

Learn for yourself why Bursari Version 2.0 is the transaction processing system of choice for schools, churches, sports organizations, and community enterprises. Write us at: Call us at: (855) 963-3220. Or, visit:

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