Love is in the Air: Setting Up Online Prom Payments

Prom Attendees Jumping on the BeachWith Valentine’s Day this week, love is in the air, so what better time to talk about senior proms!

Prom planning has most likely begun, so schools should get started on setting up online prom payment options so payment information and links can be included in initial prom communications.


Simplify the Prom Payment Process

Who currently collects forms and payments for your prom?

Homeroom teachers? Student Council reps? The Prom Committee? A teacher or moderator?

Do they then bring the money and forms to the business office or school accountant, who then has to count the money and tally the payments, complete a deposit slip, deliver the deposit to the bank, and then reconcile the deposit? Meanwhile, prom planners need to track who’s paid and attending.


Why Schools Love Moving Payments Online

Rather than having cash, checks, and often crumpled forms floating around the school, many schools are moving their prom payment collection online.

Forget about counting cash, tallying checks, and making deposits, online prom payments get automatically deposited into the appropriate account shortly after the person paying clicks to make the payment.

There’s no longer a need to transfer sometimes illegible info. from a paper form into another tracking document or system. You can export an excel document with a listing of who’s paid (and who hasn’t).


Setting Up Online Prom Payments in Bursari

The first step is to create a payment item for senior prom within Bursari:

You can:

  • set the price, the posting date, and the expiration date;
  • designate the bank account where the funds should be deposited, and
  • include a description and any categories or journal codes.

Once the item is created, you can select the eligible students –  students and families can be filtered by grade, by class, and by additional parameters.

Also, as a result of the recent product update, you can attach permission slips and additional information to the item though “document & file attachment.”

Once you’ve confirmed the item, you can begin sharing it and collecting payments.

You can set up notifications to go to eligible families, including automatic reminders as the due date approaches.

In no time, you’ll be able to being tracking how many people have paid and generate a list of attendees.

Set up your prom payments today and take some of the drama out of prom, or at least out of paying for the prom!


Beyond Proms

Why simplify payments just for senior proms?  Why not include junior proms, sophomore semi-formals, freshman mixers… you get the idea.

Payments for other year-end activities and fees can also be simplified through online payments, whether it’s for AP tests, yearbooks, or graduation activity fees.

For elementary schools, online payments can be set up for mother/son and father/daughter dances and other special events.


Why wait?

Begin your love affair with online payments through Bursari today!

Why not give it a try?

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