Presenting the Bursari Quick Start Guide

The Bursari team has assembled a collection of resources and guides that make it even easier for schools to hit the ground running and take full advantage of Bursari’s features.

Schools now have access to a resource package that walks them through how to set up their account, create items, upload student data, and more.

The Quick Start resources include:

  • Step-by-step guides with screenshots
  • Poster, handout, & email templates (schools can customize)
  • How-to videos

See below for additional details.


The Bursari Quick Start Guide:

Step-By Step Tutorials, Documents, Templates, & Videos

Click here to view the Quick Start Guide pdf.

Documents, Step-By-Step Guides



Schools are provided with two school poster templates that can be customized/edited and distributed to parents and displayed in the school, as well as handout and email templates


How-To Videos


Utilize the Quick Start Guide to maximize your use of Bursari!

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