Sacred Heart of Jesus School Answers the Question, Why Bursari?

The Sacred Heart of Jesus School recently began their journey with Bursari. We’re excited to share the start of their story!

Sacred Heart of Jesus School, Manhattan, NY

Sacred Heart of Jesus School, Manhattan, NY

About Sacred Heart of Jesus School

Sacred Heart of Jesus School is a pre-K to 8th grade school in the Archdiocese of New York.

Located on 54th Street in the heart of Manhattan, Sacred Heart was founded in 1896 and serves a diverse group of families, providing them with an exemplary education while building on a rich history.



Kelly Burke, Principal o f Sacred Heart of Jesus SchoolSchool Principal: Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke is guiding Sacred Heart through several strategic initiatives, which include:

  • Becoming more responsive to families;
  • Increasing financial accountability and reporting;
  • Building a wider community of institutional support.

Bursari is a key component in achieving these goals.


Why Bursari?

Principal Kelly Burke took some time to share why Bursari is the answer for Sacred Heart.


Right Product, Right Time

“For me, Bursari is the right product at the right time. There are two or three existing products that schools are using, but they didn’t meet our needs. We weren’t satisfied with our payment processing, but I didn’t realize there was anything else out there. Then I found out about Bursari through a longtime friend and colleague, Maureen Kane. In terms of collecting payments, it’s a whole different ballgame. I can’t say this emphatically enough, I’m a school teacher at heart – I love looking at the possibilities.”


Meeting Our Needs

“Miscellaneous fees were a challenge for us – we had no real mechanism for collecting payments (outside of tuition), and we had no accounting system in place for those transactions – but our vendor did not want to engage with us on that level. We were collecting thousands of dollars with no systemic way to account for it – upwards of $10,000 would be stored in an office. Bursari gives us more control. Tasks can be delegated to the bookkeeper level, even to the classroom level – teachers can enter items without a concern that other records or transactions will be affected. We now have the ability to personalize and to be more responsive to parents.”


Sophisticated, Agile, Powerful

“Bursari is nimble, it’s very agile, but at the same time very sophisticated. It’s not just a way to collect money, but a way to impact institutional development from a financial standpoint. Our goal is for families to interact through a system with a clear financial record. Bursari empowers us to be more fiscally responsible – to coordinate payments and access them in one place.”


Instilling Confidence

“Our parents work on Wall Street – they know when we’re using a sub-standard product. Because Bursari utilizes Fiserv’s leading-edge technology, parents interact with Bursari and Sacred Heart in the same way as they would with their bank, which instills further confidence in our school.”



Rolling Out

“I can’t wait to see the reactions of our parents when we roll it out. They’re really going to like it. Our bookkeeper loves the mobile capabilities – how easy it is to use on a phone, which our parents will also love. Anything we can do to make it easier for our parents, who are living in New York City with young families and jobs, is great!”



Building a Broader Community of Support

“One major benefit of Bursari is the ability to capture information. People can log in as guests, so a grandparent can log in and ‘claim’ their grandchild.  It creates a bigger village, tapping into a larger community and getting them involved, with the potential for additional involvement in the future, whether it’s volunteering, attending events, receiving updates, or providing financial support.”



Thank you to Kelly and Sacred Heart for sharing the beginning of their Bursari journey!

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