School Resource: Suggested Transactions List

Collection of art and drawing supplies in containers.The Bursari Team has assembled a list of suggested transactions to help schools envision and capitalize on the many ways they can use Bursari to process payments.

Events & Donations

  • Annual Fund Gifts
  • Annual Gala Tickets
  • Field Trip Fees
  • Golf Outing Tickets & Sponsorships
  • Graduation Fees
  • Homecoming Tickets
  • Prom Tickets/Fees
  • Retreats
  • Scholarship Support
  • Student Dance Tickets


  • Art Supplies
  • Book Fees
  • Class Rings
  • Tablet/Netbook Purchases
  • Yearbooks

Athletic Fees

  • Fan Bus Tickets
  • Participation Fees
  • Season Passes
  • Sports/Team Apparel
    • (t-shirts, sweatshirts, warm-ups)

Misc. School Fees 

  • Activities/Club Dues
  • AP Exam Payments
  • Before & After School Programs
  • Bus Transportation
  • Music/Band/Orchestra Fees
  • On-line Class Registration
  • Parking Passes
  • Registration Fees
  • Re-registration Fees
  • Technology Fees


These lists can be used in combination with the Bursari Quick Start Guide so schools can hit the ground running and take full advantage of Bursari’s features!

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