Sounds of Silence

Counsel for Youth Leaders,

family togetherness​This past Saturday morning there were no scholar athlete voices on any of the playing fields, courts or hardwood floors. It’s was an eerie sound, the silence. Often we hear parents saying that they’re so busy taxiing their children from one activity or athletic game to the next on a weekend that the only quality time they actually spend together is in the car while driving. Teachers and coaches are formators – child rearing experts – so encourage them to help parents be family, and offer ideas of how to be together.

Family togetherness can be a grace, but may also be a challenge at times. All of a sudden now, families, parents and children have to be with each other. Summer will be here soon enough – the pace of youth summer programs & parent taxiing will return with a vengeance. But today, let’s all encourage parents to share how they have captured these graced moments of family time that would not have been possible had we not faced this very difficult moment. At Bursari we know your families are making moments precious together now. We stand ready to process comprehensive transactions of payment, permission, health forms, etc. as your families register scholar athletes for summer programs with a great anticipation of life returning to a “new normal”. Transactions can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace! Let us show you how easy it can be. 

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