The Digital Payment Revolution: What It Means for Schools

Ten years ago, my school’s website was pretty static.

Photos were outdated. (Didn’t he graduate from college last year?)

News items were posted inconsistently, and the school calendar was distributed as a PDF document attached to an email. Or sometimes even printed and mailed. Talk about a headache for parents and school administrators alike.

All that has changed with advances in digital communication: responsive website design, current photos and videos, online class pages and learning management systems, dynamic calendars with RSS feeds, a personalized user experience, frequent updates of online news and teacher blogs, and HTML email newsletters with interactive calendars and information. Just to name a few.

Schools needed to change or risk getting left behind. We’re now seeing payments approaching a similar tipping point. Online transaction processing for schools is now available with Bursari, and it’s becoming a must-have in schools across the country.

A Digital Tipping Point

The payment world is changing. More and more people are going online to shop, bank, pay bills and transfer money. Eight in 10 Americans shop online — more than half shopping on their mobile phone (Pew Research Center) and more than half of all bills are paid online (Aite Group).

We can only expect those numbers to rise.

Technology is driving major changes to the payment world, shifting societal norms and prioritizing convenience. People are buying and paying for things anywhere, at any time, in many different ways, including mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

What It Means for Schools

People expect the ability to shop, bank and pay in a variety of ways, from any device, at any time. They’re moving away from paying with cash and checks and toward online and mobile payments.

Families are bringing these expectations to their educational experience. They want the same user experience (or better) that they find on Amazon/e-commerce and with their banks and other institutions.

As a result, schools must adapt and respond to these changing technologies and expectations, delivering flexibility, security, convenience and a simple, user-friendly experience to their families (and staff).

An Opportunity to Build Relationships

Schools now have an opportunity to provide a personalized and exceptional user experience through the right transaction platform. Doing so will help schools build relationships with their parents by providing added convenience and security.

For more details on how schools can leverage online payments, click here to read “5 Ways Online Payments Can Make Parents, Teachers and Staff Happier.”

The Role of Bursari

Bursari has been developed with this exact purpose in mind — to respond to the changing world by delivering high value to schools and parents, and to simplify the lives of families by serving as an extension of the increasingly digital world in which we live.

By utilizing Bursari, schools can eliminate and streamline tasks associated with processing payments — providing added convenience for families while making schools more efficient and empowering educators to focus their efforts on what they should be focusing on — educating children!

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